仙台牛100%のパテ 1400円(税込) 



100% Sendai beef patty 1400yen(tax included) 

A patty of ground Sendai beef with no additives, fresh lettuce and tomato are sandwiched in a bun. We want you to enjoy the taste of Sendai beef, so seasoning is simple. Buns made from brown rice flour are also good enough to eat.


金華銀鮭のマリネ / 1100円(税込)


Kinka silver salmon marinade 

The sea off the coast of Kinkasan (it is an island in Ishinomaki) is said to be one of the world's third largest fishing grounds. We call fish the "Kinka Brand", which were caught in this area and meet certain standards. Among them, "silver salmon" is popular. We marinated the fish with Japanese sushi vinegar and onions. In the refreshing acidity, the rich umami of the Kinka brand's silver salmon spreads. This is especially recommended during summer. Buns made from brown rice flour are also good enough to eat. 





For Vegans/Miyagi Shirome (soybean) patty

1000yen(tax included)

This hamburger does not have any meat products in it and so it can be enjoyed not only by vegetarians but by vegans as well. We made a soybean-based patty from Miyagi Shirome, a traditional vegetable from Miyagi prefecture. It has the popular Teriyaki taste. We made it with a Japanese traditional sauce called “Yuanji”, which is made with soy sauce and mirin that was devised by Yuan Kitamura, who was a foodie in the Edo period. Buns are also made of Miyagi Prefecture's powerful flour "Ginga no Chikara (Galaxy Power)" and uses no eggs, butter, or animal oil.




Every hamburger comes with a set of potatoes and sweets. I’ll definitely be glad if you will like it.


Potatoes: flavored with delicious salt from Ishinomaki 

Sweets: home made sweets